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TRICS Events

TRICS® Consortium Limited has managed and hosted events for its user organisations (collectively known as the TRICS® Community) since 1996. There are usually two events per year, these being the annual TRICS® User Meeting in November, usually at a venue in London, and the TRICS® Training and Development Forum, which takes place at a different regional location in June. TRICS® member organisations can send an attendee to each event free of charge (one free place available per licensed office location), with places available on a first come first served basis. Places at these events can be booked directly via this website as and when bookings are ready to commence.

TRICS User Meeting

The 2023 TRICS User Meeting took place on Tuesday 28th November in London. Each of the presentations will be available soon to download.

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TRICS Training & Development Forum 2024
Tuesday 18th June 2024 – The Caves, Edinburgh

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About the Event
The sixth annual TRICS Training & Development Forum is to be held on Tuesday 18th June 2024

We are very pleased to announce that this year’s event will be taking place at The Caves in Edinburgh, and that once again this event is free to member organisations (and for the first time, more than one attendee per member office is allowed) on a first come first served basis (places are limited). Also for the first time, non-members of TRICS who are considering joining are also welcomed to attend for free.

This is a different event to our annual TRICS User Meeting. Unlike the User Meeting, which covers elements of TRICS in a broad project-wide perspective, the Training & Development Forum (TDF) is more focused on the practical use and applications of TRICS and systems development, where attendees can pick up hints and tips on the use of TRICS and contribute ideas towards further developing the system. This is very much an event for day-to-day users of the system, and we are pleased to continue touring around various parts of the UK with the TDF whilst keeping the annual User Meeting based in London.

The TRICS TDF is also another excellent opportunity to network with members of the TRICS community, attendees being system users from both private and public sector organisations. We have found that our events have always been productive yet informal and have in the past led to significant changes to the system via our interactive approach, where everyone gets to have their own say on the future of TRICS.

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The Programme

The event will start off with a welcome by the Chair (Ian Coles - TRICS Project Director), who will then introduce Owen Edwards (TRICS Project Manager) to give the first presentation of the day. Owen will speak about how TRICS can do so much more than just calculate trip rates for Transport Assessments, providing some examples of technical analyses that TRICS has undertaken in recent times to show how its use can be maximised and applied in more detail to a variety of projects. This will be followed by a focused TRICS system demonstration of some of the system’s more advanced features, presented by Harry Summerfield of the TRICS team. This will provide users with some added knowledge to assist in, enhance, and maximise their day-to-day use of the system. The third presentation of the morning session will be Good Practice Hints & Tips, presented by Harry Cook of the TRICS team. The 2024 TRICS Good Practice Guide will be referenced, whereby handy advice on the best use of the system will be offered, helpful to both providers and auditors of Transport Assessments. As always, there will be the opportunity for questions after the morning session.

After a buffet lunch, during which there will be the opportunity for attendees to interact around the unique historic venue, the afternoon session will commence with a TRICS user speaking about their day-to-day use of the system, including some project case studies. It is always good to hear from our users about their own experiences with TRICS, so this will add a different perspective to the day. This will be followed by a presentation on the commission and development of the TRICS 8 major systems upgrade, including the project’s timeline and details of the significant system enhancements that are to be delivered. The plan for delivery and some of the programmed new system features will be presented, along with information on the intended TRICS 8 launch event in June 2025 (which will constitute next year’s TRICS Training & Development Forum). Finally, after questions on the afternoon session, there will be an open forum on TRICS system development, research, and data collection, which will be an ideal opportunity for users to contribute their own thoughts and ideas for TRICS as it moves towards its next evolutionary stage.

Morning Session




Welcome & Opening Notes
Chair – Ian Coles, Project Director, TRICS Consortium Limited


TRICS – More Than Just Trip Generation
Owen Edwards, Project Manager, TRICS Consortium Limited

TRICS can do so much more than calculate trip rates for Transport Assessments. This presentation provides insight as to how TRICS can be used for a wide range of analyses, and how users can take maximum advantage of the wealth of data that the system provides.


TRICS System Demonstration – Advanced Features
Harry Summerfield, TRICS Consortium Limited

This tailored TRICS system demonstration goes into some of the more advanced features of the system, to provide users with some added knowledge to assist in, enhance and maximise their day-to-day TRICS usage.


Good Practice Hints & Tips
Harry Cook, TRICS Consortium Limited

The 2024 TRICS Good Practice Guide is referenced in this presentation, whereby handy hints and tips on the best use of TRICS, both for providers and auditors of Transport Assessments, are provided.


Morning Session Questions and Panel Discussion



Afternoon Session


TRICS Case Studies From a User’s Perspective
Speaker TBC (User)

A TRICS user presents case studies on the use of TRICS for various scenarios, providing a different perspective on the system, its data and its use.


Update on the Commissioning & Development of TRICS 8
Mike Green, Surrey County Council

In this presentation, an update on the TRICS 8 commission and project timeline will be provided, along with a summary of the significant system features and enhancements that will be included.


Afternoon Session Questions and Panel Discussion


TRICS Development Open Forum
An opportunity to have your say on future TRICS system development, research and data collection. This is an open forum for discussion and ideas and is the ideal opportunity to express your opinions on the system as it stands, and how it can improve in the future.

Images from The Caves
The Venue
The Caves is located within walking distance and just to the south of Edinburgh’s famous Old Town and is also near Edinburgh Waverley railway station.

This is a truly unique venue that makes up the sub-structure of the 18th Century South Bridge, and once had so much whisky stored within it that it became known as “Whisky Row”. Every room has a story to tell, and after 100 years of being lost, the hidden Edinburgh vaults where the Caves are located were rediscovered and magnificently restored. These vaults are today a UNESCO World Heritage site. This is considered an ideal location for this year’s event, with the space that we have hired being just what we need and keeping up our tradition of sourcing alternative event venues.

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Making a booking
To book your free place at this event, please complete the on-line booking form available below.

For the first time, each TRICS licence-holding office can book more than one free attendee place, subject to availability. Also for the first time, bookings by non-member organisations will not be charged for this event. Once you have completed the on-line booking, you will automatically receive an email of confirmation. Should you wish to subsequently change the attendee’s name, please contact a member of the TRICS team who will make the necessary amendments.

We operate a paperless invoicing system to help the environment and reduce our carbon footprint. If you require paper copies of invoices to be sent to you via Royal Mail you will be charged an additional “Postage and Handling” fee.

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