Learn how to use and expand knowledge of the TRICS software.

User training & demonstrations

TRICS® Consortium Limited offer on-line training sessions to any organisation, using the Microsoft Teams facility. Two options for on-line training are available, which have replaced our on-site training sessions whilst this is necessary and will also remain as an option once we can resume the face-to-face version of these sessions.

We have a professional account with Microsoft Teams, which allows anyone to create their own free account and download the app accordingly. This allows us to hold on-line training for a high number of attendees. Our two available options are as follows.

Option 1

A TRICS® system demonstration lasting approximately one hour. This is the standard demonstration of the TRICS® database and its various functions, which is a good introduction to new users and a refresher for those who may use the system from time to time. The TRICS® system screen would be shared so all attendees can see it in operation. A test sheet would be provided to attendees so that they can have a go at using the system and trying out a few different trip generation scenarios in their own time following the session. The cost of this training is £300 + VAT (note that this is discounted from the standard £500 + VAT charged for on-site training sessions).

Option 2

A tailored presentation (in PowerPoint) covering an element (or elements) of the TRICS® project, for example good practice, the multi-modal survey methodology, how we go about undertaking our survey programmes, or anything else that an organisation wishes us to discuss. The subject matter would be agreed prior to the talk taking place, which would last around 30-45 minutes, followed by questions afterwards (so the whole session could last an hour or a bit longer). Some organisations have asked for this in the past as a way of understanding certain elements of TRICS® in more detail, and we are very flexible on what we can cover on the day. The cost of this option is £500 + VAT.

Organisations interested in setting up a training session should contact a member of the TRICS® team.

Free trial

A free one-month trial of TRICS® is available that allows organisations to try out the system's features and its ever-expanding database of transport surveys. It is ideal for those interested in purchasing a TRICS® software licence, allowing them to experience the system in full before committing to membership. The only restriction during the trial period is that TRICS® cannot be used for commercial purposes (this is monitored), with the trial being for evaluation purposes only.

So why not try the system out before you become a member?

Many new members of the TRICS® Community originally took up this offer, which provides trialists with full use of the latest version of the system, along with unlimited user support. The TRICS® team can set up your free trial today. The process is quick and easy, so contact us to get started.

TRICS® Good Practice Guide

TRICS® Consortium Limited strongly recommends that users become familiar with the TRICS® Good Practice Guide, which is considered an essential document for those producing reports using TRICS® and those tasked with auditing them.

The full document is available as a download here. It is a comprehensive document that covers all elements of use of TRICS® and its data, recommending and detailing best practice in how trip rate results are obtained and presented, as well as providing countless handy tips for all users (and for those who may not be TRICS® users but who are still required to audit reports generated by the system).

This guidance has been used and quoted right up to Public Inquiry level, so it is considered a very important document when it comes to understanding the best way to use our system and present its data.

Multi-Modal Methodology

The TRICS® Multi-Modal Methodology document was first written following the introduction of multi-modal surveys into the TRICS® database in the early 2000’s, and has been adapted and improved in recent years, including a major review in 2020. This document can be downloaded here, and it explains in detail how TRICS® undertakes site visits to identify what a survey would entail, including information on the various checks and assessments that the TRICS® team undertake when visiting developments. This is followed by a section covering how detailed TRICS® survey specifications are written to ensure that surveys take place to TRICS® standards.

This document is considered essential reading for any organisation considering undertaking their own TRICS®-compliant surveys and includes examples of survey specifications covering a range of different scenarios.