TRICS Training & Development Forum 2018

Wednesday 28th November 2018 – The National Railway Museum, York

About the Event

The third annual TRICS Training & Development Forum is to be held on Wednesday 28th November in York. Following a successful second event in Birmingham last year, we are very pleased to announce that this year’s event will be taking place at the renowned National Railway Museum in York, and that once again this event is free to member organisations (one attendee per member office) on a first come first served basis (places are limited). Non-members of TRICS who are considering joining are also welcome to attend.

This is a different event to our annual TRICS User Meeting. Unlike the User Meeting, which covers aspects of TRICS in a broad perspective, the Training & Development Forum (TDF) is more of a user training and systems development event, where attendees can pick up hints and tips on the use of TRICS and contribute ideas towards further developing the system. This is very much an event for the actual day to day users of the system, and we are pleased to continue touring around various parts of the UK with the TDF whilst keeping the annual User Meeting based in London.

The TRICS TDF is also another excellent opportunity to network with members of the TRICS community, attendees being day to day users from both private and public sector organisations. We have found that our events have always been productive whilst at the same time informal, and have in the past led to significant changes to the system via our interactive open forum approach, where everyone gets to have their own say on the future of TRICS.


The event will start off with a brief system demonstration of TRICS, covering the main functions of the system, handy for both users and non-users alike. This will be followed by a preview of the system enhancements that are being added into TRICS for the December 2018 update, following an analysis of the results of the 2018 TRICS User Survey. Then, there will be an interactive discussion where users can raise any issues and problems they may have when using TRICS (as this was something that came up in the results of the User Survey, and this discussion will be an opportunity to provide some clarification).

After a buffet lunch, we will be presenting a summary of findings of our Cambourne survey project. Cambourne in Cambridgeshire is a major new residential and multi-use development, and surveys undertaken in June 2018 looked at modal splits and the question of internalisation at this development, something we are keen to update users on. This will be followed by the results of a recent internal TRICS review of regional trip rate variation across some key land uses, addressing a question so often asked by many of our users.

And then there will be a discussion on updating the TRICS Good Practice Guide, where attendees can make their suggestions on how we can improve this important document for its 2019 publication. Finally, there will be an open forum on TRICS system development, research and data collection, an ideal opportunity for users to express their opinions on the future of the system.

The Venue

The National Railway Museum is located right next to York railway station, so is very accessible indeed. The museum is a famous and popular part of this historic city.

Home to iconic locomotives and an unrivalled collection of engineering brilliance, it celebrates the past, present and future of innovation on the railways. All attendees of our event are free to roam around the museum’s numerous exhibits.

We consider this an ideal venue for this year’s TRICS TDF (in fact we have hired this venue before for a previous TRICS User Meeting), with spacious conference facilities that are just perfect for what we need.